It's a back-breaking job, and with so many seeder bars becoming hydraulic tyne and higher breakout spring machines, the rocks just keep on coming!

With all picking surfaces and grizzly bars made of high strength Bisalloy 360, the OptiPick Rock Bucket is built to last. All picking parts are pre-heated prior to welding, extending the penetration of the welds and increasing the life-span of the unit.

Our OptiPick Rock Pickers take the effort out of paddock clean up, by allowing the loader or telehandler to do the work for you.

The OptiPick Bucket simply plugs in to the third function hydraulic lines and off you go. By skimming the surface of your paddocks the hydraulicly driven picking arm flicks the rocks straight on to the bissalloy grizzly bars, removing the need for manual picking. The bars are spaced to allow only rocks smaller than 80mm to fall through, along with any soil.

We custom build each hitch, ensuring it will be an easy fit to your telehandler or industrial loader once you are ready to get started.


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