The OptiSeed™ PSM™ (Precision Seeding Module) is available in two standard options described below.

Our module has been designed with the knowledge that Australian grain growers are always looking to improve their financial returns through the adoption of new technologies. We have looked to manufacture a product that has the capability to manage many and varied soil types, changing seasonal conditions, and the need to manage inputs effectively.


Option 1: Is complete with the OptiSeed™ Coulter.  The coulter's down force is controlled by hydraulic pressure with an inbuilt accumulator to take any shock loads to the coulter outside the set parameters.  The OptiSeed™ coulter can be raised

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into a non-working position using the hydraulics to minimise wear and tear in situations where they are not required.

Option 2: Is the OptiSeed™ PSM™ without the Optiseed™ Coulter.  This allows less investment into your new seeding bar should you not have high residue levels to deal with.  The OptiSeed™ Coulter can be fitted at a later date should the need arise.

Our OptiSeed™ PSM™ comes standard with IVSD™ (Infinitely Variable Sowing Depth), which when paired with the hydraulic tyne and coulter provides increased seed placement accuracy regardless of soil types, surface conditions and residue loads.  The IVSD™ is a simple way of adjusting seeding depth to your desire.  No spanners or tools are required to carry out this function making seeding depth adjustment a pleasure to perform. 

An option available for the IVSD™ is the addition of electronically operated depth control.  This allows seeding depth control to be altered from the tractor cab providing quick and easy on the go adjustment.

OptiSeed™ has a unique and simple way of adjusting the packing pressure of the press wheel.  This is a useful feature when moving between paddocks or farms with different soil types.  Remove a spring-loaded pin and adjust the lever to one of three settings, release the pin and lock in position and you’re ready to seed again with the confidence that packing pressure has been increased or decreased accordingly to soil type or conditions.


Retro-Fit opitons.

The OptiSeed™ module, coulter and hydraulic tyne can be purchased separately to allow your current seeding bar to be upgraded to utilise our design. Using the OptiSeed™ hydraulic tyne on your bar gives you the benefit of a hydraulic tyne system over spring tynes without the capital investment in an entire new machine.  Various seeding boot and point options are available upon request. Click here for more info.

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