Here at Opti Ag Systems, we manufacture quality products that can be retro-fitted to any seeder bar setup you are running. This allows you to upgrade your current implement with quality Opti Ag designed products.

These products include our own OptiSeed™ modules and our Hydraulic Tynes and Coulters.

Please explore the images of each product above

OptiSeed™ PSM With IVSD Module

The OptiSeed™ module can be purchased on its own to allow your current seeding bar to be upgraded to utilise our design.

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Hydraulic Tyne

The OptiSeed™ hydraulic tyne can be retro-fitted to an existing seeding bar frame to upgrade from spring tyne to hydraulic tyne.  This allows a grower to have the benefit of hydraulic tyne over spring tyne without the capital investment in a whole new machine.  Various seeding boot and point options are available upon request.

Hydraulic Coulter

The OptiSeed™ coulter can be retro-fitted to the front of existing seeding machines to allow increased residue handling capabilities.

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